Keeping up with the Jeanses

As you know, I love to share my fashion experience + resources with you through this blog, AND I also enjoy introducing you to strong, entrepreneurial women. Last fall, I was invited to join a branding panel in Las Vegas with mega successful author, Malorie Cooper.  

It was so much fun, we decided to create ‘How To’ videos together, loaded with easy fashion – lifestyle tips and advice!

Mal writes stories about space exploration in the distant future — featuring smart, driven, female leaders.  Imaginative worlds, where humans share their minds with AI and talk to one another telepathically; she has created a Sci-Fi fan in me!

One of her newest releases is a memoir, How Wearing Leggings Changed My Life – a raw + emotional journey as a transgendered woman.  It’s not only Malorie’s experience, but reflective of all our journey’s through life to be accepted, to discover our true selves, and ultimately, to accept ourselves.

Check out our latest video on how to look cute in jeans, and find the right fit. Other vids include Mal rocking a velvet catsuit, (you’ll find out why when you read her book) and me showing off a comfy flannel dress & leggings .. chic hostess outfits.  

We invite you to comment and ask questions on getting ready for events, what bothers you about wearing jeans, or any style issues giving you anxiety. Be sure to subscribe to the youtube channel so you get an alert on the newest broadcasts!

Find Mal’s new book, How Wearing Leggings Changed My Life​, right here.


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