What does your NEXT Level Self look like for 2024? #StyleGOALS

What is Next-Level You in 2024? Could transforming your Style & Lifestyle lead to

ultimate personal growth?

February is an awesome month to evaluate your style, closet, and travel goals!

OK, I planned to get this to you in January… but we had a big storm that threw me off for a minute! And you might have been a bit busy with other goals, like choosing your word of the year. (Mine is LIGHT – so many ways to use this one)


Before we can create our 2024 NEXT LEVEL self… let’s review our, and thank ourselves for our favorite looks from 2023. You can analyze where you’ve been, where you are, and where you’d like to go by looking at your stored pix from last year and flagging the ones where you felt like a BADASS! 


What were you doing, and what were you wearing?

Create a mission statement for your ideal year of style and adventure.


I’ll go first: A YEAR IN Pictures ..


Thank you 2023 for a gorgeous, expansive year full of opportunities to shine, inspire and serve.


My goals are to live every day with intension, curiosity and fun playfulness.  LIGHT is a way of being, and I’ll  let anything heavy (low vibes) pass right through me.


What’s ahead for YOU in 2024? Happy STYLE & Closet Goals .. You know what they say, Happy Closet, Happy LIFE. 

Find Your Foundational pieces. Dress with Intention. Fabu Style Experiences.

Which of these is hitting the sweet spot for you?

Click the button below to take my quick poll of what you’d like to receive from me to help you in 2024.💋


Can you imagine .. quick style poll


Included here are a few of my FAVORITE looks from 2023 .. I’d love for YOU to share your most fabulous looks by replying, or head over to our online empowering group to post: The Style LAB Club.


One more thing: I am giving away 5 copies of my latest handbook: “The 5-Day Closet Cleanse”, to the first to respond. 💋💋

With gratitude for each one of you, cheers for a fantastic, LIGHT filled 2024!🥳🥳

Suze 💋


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