Your Guide to Intentional Dressing .. for a stress free closet

The results from my Tell Me Your Closet Goals poll are in, and here is what

the majority of you said:

“I have too many clothes that I don’t wear”. Is this you, too?

Instead of asking why this is the case, (there are possibly endless reasons) let’s

develop a new way of dressing, so we can resolve this problem once and for all.

Dressing with INTENSION.. what is that? This approach involves making mindful choices and thoughtful planning when selecting clothing items, with the ultimate goal of cultivating a sense of tranquility and confidence daily.


What we all want is contentment, am I right?


Embracing the present, our current resources, our authentic selves, prioritizing inner fulfillment over the pursuit of perfection or fleeting materialism… this embodies true happiness.

Read on for a preview of the topics we’ll explore in upcoming newsletters, aimed at guiding us towards cultivating genuine expression through our clothing and our interactions with the world.


5 Intentional Dressing Strategies:

  1. Shopping my closet – maybe you’ve heard of this, it means wearing the things I own in my closet more; creating ’new looks’, so I always feel excited getting dressed.
  2. Curating – I do this once a month, but a goal is once a quarter, the beginning of a new season where I evaluate what you’ve been wearing and what I have not, so I am informed
  3. Sustainably removing what is no longer my style, size or brings high-vibe feels: give to friends, consign, sell on Ebay, or other online sites. Once I remove the clutter, the door opens for more creativity
  4. Shopping resale, vintage, and local, supporting small biz, so I feel good about where my investment goes​​​​​​​
  5. Planning my outfits in advance using a formula, so I save time and effort


RESOURCE: To help you gain a little momentum, I developed a tool for you:

After you read ‘The 5-Day Closet Cleanse’, you’ll have a game plan to get after these goals.  


My handbook is a guide to maximize your wardrobe investment, by streamlining the contents of your closet, and applying new habits for living your most extraordinary life.


With this useful guide and easy tips, you can:

  • Gain more confidence through self-knowledge
  • Identify and use your personal style aesthetic as a gatekeeper for closet clutter
  • Present yourself as a more authentic version of who you are
  • Look and feel amazing in everything you wear, every day
  • Remove physical + emotional overwhelm by creating an oasis in your boudoir
  • Access charts and resources to catalog and maintain your wardrobe investment


In five days, this system will transform a disorganized joy-sucking mess into an organized and efficient closet stocked full of inspiring outfits and a plan to keep it that way!


EXPERIENCE: Cool places to stay, dine, shop around the world …

My Favorite sustainable boutique in Paris:

Second Season Paris Vintage (10 rue de Normandie, 75003)

With gratitude, cheers for a fantastic, LIGHT filled March!🥳🥳


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