3 STYLE tips to gear up for Spring.. including wearing the right color

Get ready for the vibrant energy of April… are you prepared?

We’re entering my favorite seasons – spring and summer! You might find the unpredictable weather changes challenging when it comes to choosing what to wear each hour. Continue reading for my tips on how to create your personal power wardrobe this season.

1) Embrace a colorful wardrobe!

Understanding your personal life colors can unlock your full potential. Different colors can evoke various emotions and energies, and just like your Personal Style Statement, wearing your optimal colors can significantly influence your feelings and performance.


Whether you’re dressing for a successful day, planning your next vacation, or just aiming to boost your mood, incorporating your best colors can have a big impact. Aligning with the hues that resonate with you can boost your confidence, productivity, and let you shine in all your activities.


2) Shop your closet..

.. and wear your clothes more creatively. You have heard me discuss ‘the power of 3’ strategy. What about tailoring your clothes to customize them to your body and style? For example, do you have a pair of jeans that you’re not wearing because of the fit?


Take these wide-leg white jeans from Zara. I purchased from eBay, one of my preferred places to find jeans. However, they’re high-waisted, much like many styles available currently.


Being short-waisted, high-waist jeans aren’t flattering or comfortable on me. They dig into my belly and reinforce a non-proportioned appearance. I literally took a sharp scissor to the waist band, cut it off and then reattached the hook & eye closure at the top of the zipper, creating a mid-waist silhouette. 👆🏼👆🏼

(Join me next month when I discuss more about jeans).

3) Top hit from my Foundations list: The Crisp White Dress

A little white dress for spring is common. But, this season, luxurious fabrics like silk and linen from brands like Zimmerman, All Saints, French Connection, Banana Republic have given it a fresh spin.

Try this perfect backdrop with your pop of color loafers, cross body handbag or oversize belts for a modern, relaxed look.


Go deeper into color analysis: HERE.

Head over to this link to get your color resource kit – follow the instructions, and you’ll receive a laminated card with a digital description of the best colors to wear for clothing (+ make-up) to have handy in your closet and take with you shopping.

I’ve arranged a 10% coupon code off your ColorGuru system. Use the code: SuzeColorStyle.

With gratitude, cheers for a fantastic, Light Filled APRIL! 🥳🥳

Suze 💋


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