Do Sustainability and LUXURY go together? A Holiday DEAL for you..

First off: a heartfelt thanks to each of our Rockstar Queens who attended our first Magnetic Brand & Style Experience. It was magical! We started our day with a question: what does the word Magnetic mean to YOU? 🧲


Essence, showing up, connection, laser focus, aligned energy, attracting high vibes, resonating on a soul level, and a favorite: re-launching me. What we achieved:

💫10 like-minded Queens co-creating.

💫2 days of empowerment, connection, transformation.

💫2 photographers captured our self-expression at its most visual high-value

💫Hours of fabulous, inspiring FUN


Many thanks to each guest who challenged herself, discovered her magnetic

connection, vision, and style, and stepped into a new era of intentional living,

knowing just how powerful she already is.🌟

With winter on its way, preserving your precious off -season items helps maintain a sustainable, organized closet.  I had the pleasure of speaking with Hayden Hill London about how I inspire clients to upscale their  ‘Date Night’ & biz casual looks, so they always feel luxurious, on point for every occasion, especially while traveling and showing up for conferences and speaking opportunities!


Introducing my preferred method to protect and organize your clothes! Designed in London, handcrafted in India from 100% organic cotton.  More than just basic storage, their garment protection offers an elegant and effective way to preserve your clothing items, so you can don your favorite coat or dress without a moment’s hesitation.


A special discount for you to get your hands on their eco-conscious garment bags. Use code is SUZE20!!💋💋 HERE is the article.

If you missed my Masterclass with Kelly B., how to Indulge in more stylish travel, for nearly free, here is the recording:

 ‘How to FLY to EUROPE for Nearly Free’

Fashion, Art & Design, Travel EXPERIENCE are all about bringing you joyful indulgence. If NOW is your time for you to experience just that, you will not want to miss out on this opportunity!

Makes a fabulous holiday gift from your loved ones, or for yourself:

Wanderlust Travel & Style Adventure, Northern Spain. Late SPRING 2024.





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