How much time do you spend shopping?

Happy Holidays Style Community!

Shopping, love it or hate it, how much time do you spend doing it during the Holidays?  Not for gifts, but for outfits for all of the events you’re invited to, or expected to attend?

I’m asking because I’ve been told by clients that they frequently enter a store, and wander in an overwhelmed state, sometimes for two hours, only to leave with just a pair of earrings!

My client, Candy Scott of Mood Design + Build, hired me again, this time to help her Design Assistant, Denitsa create a capsule wardrobe for their French Holiday Themed photo shoot.

I very felt privileged to participate in such a fun project, and witness this act of generosity from a female business owner, and mentor toward her staff.

On a budget, I brought Denitsa to Nordstrom Rack at the Chicago Fashion Outlets. We spent 2 1/2 hours sifting through many potential combinations, that could fulfill the color scheme and photo shoot objectives:

– one festive ensemble
– two upscale, professional looks

A hard working immigrant who hails from meager means, it was a treat
to see Denitsa fall in love with all of the many outfits we made, including
shoes and jewelry!  She admitted she could never have found these items on her own.

Ways to improve your shopping experience, during the Holidays or anytime:

– Go armed with a shopping list of exactly what you need, or what might be missing to make that fabulous outfit

– Arrive early, during the week if possible, and bring a power bar & H2O, just in case!
Coming soon in 2020 – The Style LAB Monthly Membership … stay tuned!

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