What to wear to Work, #WFH Outfits made easy

Hey Style Community,

I’m writing you as I unpack wardrobe boxes, one after another, (#toomanyshoes) it’s day ONE in the new house!

Taking a break to check in with ya’ll .. and totally hiding from my family, don’t tell.  I made this video on #WFH outfit strategies the other day, and thought dang, getting on video conference calls can be hard… and it’s not so easy deciding what to wear! 

But, I have been doing this for years, and I feel your pain: we’re all at home, trying to work.

Just because we’re at home, doesn’t mean our goals have changed, we still want to grow our careers, and not have to worry about what to wear for work, both on + offline.  

You might have heard me say that our clothing affects our brains, and what we wear impacts how we feel about ourselves and contributes to our results.

During such a time of unknowns, one of the best things you can do for your mental, and emotional body is to get dressed for the day and have a plan.

Today I’m sharing my TOP 3 tips for making creative, professional #WorkFromHome looks, for greater productivity and a professional presence online. 

TOP Tips for Video:

1. V neckline is flattering 

2. Choose a bright color focal point, top or jacket

3. Use forward lighting and make-up essentials

A bright color top + soft blazer keeps you looking and feeling professional. (avoid wearing all black)

You could choose a white V-neck T-shirt, and a bright turquoise, royal blue or magenta jacket or cardigan, these colors look good on all skin tones.  

Pair these tops with a jogger pant, like a pair from Chicago company, or Majamas Earth – this helps you feel put together, if you had to quickly hop into a meeting, you’ll feel on brand and confident. 

NOTE: Always wear a complete outfit, its tempting to just dress from the waist up, but when you pop up for a coffee or pee break, you’ll undo all your hard work!

A bit of BB tinted, face cream, mascara + lip color goes a long way toward creating a polished face for camera and video.  Place yourself with a pleasant, contrasting background, void of personal effects, + computer a forward facing light to achieve the best possible visual outcome.


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