Want more luxurious travel? DON’T make this mistake 😬

There’s something about spring that makes me ponder new beginnings and warm weather outfits.  I consider where I am in this season, and what’s ahead for the rest of the year – what do I want to create for my clients, for my biz and my family?

The answer for me…life experiences and connections that I can only get through travel.

And I don’t want to settle for mundane, run-of-the-mill travel.  I love to be pampered, to travel in style, to pursue new experiences.  Since you’re part of my amazing community, chances are you love style and travel, too.  But if you’re like most, you’re likely making a huge mistake if you want to create more luxurious travel in your life.

This mistake causes you to….


….leave literally thousands of dollars on the table.


….settle for one trip a year, or to put artificial limitations on what destinations you can actually get to.


…pass on incredible travel experiences when you could say “YES!”


What is the mistake? It’s so simple, and yet most people will never stop to wonder what else is possible.


The mistake is paying only cash for travel. 


When you pay for your travel only in cash, you’re missing out on the single biggest luxury travel accelerator – points and miles.


My husband Joe and I had a dream of taking our family to New Zealand and Australia, so I started googling flights.  And my eyes almost popped out of my head when I looked at the cost of economy and business class!


That’s when I reached out to my dear friend Kelly Butler, The Points Maven.  Kelly is an expert at helping foodies and culture seekers like us take their dream trips for nearly free using points and miles.   Kelly helps with strategies to earn points responsibly while keeping credit scores high, actually finding the award space for flights and hotels (the huge point of confusion for many!)


With Kelly’s help, we booked flights with points and miles and minimal fees – which would have cost us a whopping $28,000.


Joe and I enjoyed luxury airport lounge access, business class lie-flat seats, and alllll the champagne, darling! 

I never would have been able to navigate the confusion of how to redeem my points, searching for flights, setting alerts, etc., without Kelly’s expert guidance.  Have you already begun to see the power of using points?


Since then, Kelly has gone on to book $180,000 in nearly free travel for her family, and clients like the Johnsons, who just booked business class tickets to Amsterdam worth $26,000.  Or the Marshall family of four, staying in two luxurious resorts in Costa Rica this summer worth $10,000.  Or, the Hernandez family who is jet-setting to Japan this fall on business class and staying in four cities using points.


There are lots of “travel hacking” social media accounts and email newsletters out there, but Kelly offers a totally fresh perspective and is so committed to results with every student she works with.


Before working with Kelly, I paid cash for my trips, but I don’t want to see you make this mistake, Suze!

Kelly is leading a free, online training next week:

The Travel Freedom Blueprint.


In the training, you’ll discover how to leverage your existing household spending for your dream travel.  Not just for one trip, but a repeatable process to elevate your travel lifestyle.  All without sacrificing your credit score or spending hours scouring points blogs.


Kelly is teaching a brand-new formula for you to discover what benefits you currently receive by how you pay for your expenses, and how many thousands of dollars you could be earning on nearly free travel with a new strategy.  Best of all, it’s based on your specific household spend and goals.


When you realize this, your future travels will never look the same again.

Register NOW

Keep dreaming big, my friends – there is a whole beautiful world out there for you to discover.  I’ll see you in business class!

Cheers, 🥳🥳

Suze 💋


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