Travel Capsule Wardrobe for the GUYS

Hey Style Community,Holiday travel is swiftly approaching, do you want to create versatile travel capsule wardrobe for yourself + your GUY?

Joe and I just returned from an authors conference in Las Vegas.  During the four day trip, he had two speaking sessions, was part of a panel, and we had three nights of client dinners planned.

He would need to bring 2 laptops, 2 iPads and 2 boxes of business cards. We created a capsule travel wardrobe so he did not unnecessarily pack items and shoes that would weigh down his carry – on bag.

How does one build a capsule wardrobe for travel?  Invest in quality, fashionable pieces, that look good anywhere, that will simplify packing, and follow a three-step checklist:

1. Create a detailed Itinerary or activity list, utilizing the weather forecast

2. Choose a Color Story to minimize your items, and maximize outfit making potential

3. Pack wisely by using a rolling method and strategic tools

All capsule wardrobes start with a foundation of solid basics, with a few patterns and pops of color included for variety, and individual style.

Joe’s Packing List for Vegas:

1 messenger bag

2 pair shoes (1 navy, leather sneaker, 1 black suede ankle boot)

2 graphic T-Shirts 

2 colorful button down shirts in blue & green tones

2 jeans (1 black, 1 dark rinse blue)

1 suiting vest, black

1 navy velvet blazer

4 pair of underwear, socks

1 set bracelets and watch

1 scarf

1 belt, black

1 leather jacket

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