What Clients say about Suze Solari

Had a great time sprucing up my wardrobe with Suze. 1st she went through my closet and helped me keep what was good and purge what wasn't (hard to do on your own sometimes.) Next, we went on a shopping trip, Suze pull tons of stuff based on already owned items that I never would have found, she helped me to create new looks for my DJ biz, and casual looks too - thanks, Suze!
Suze Solari totally re-sparked an interest in me! She gave me an amazing 90-minute session via Zoom into my closet. I HIGHLY recommend connecting with her. You will have fun and she will save you time and money with her work!
Kelly SheetsKelly Sheets
Suze has been such an inspiration in how I view fashion. I went off to work most mornings trying to dress like and fit in with the guys. She really helped me identify and express my own true style while still looking professional. I don’t dread going into my business closet anymore. I actually look forward to dressing for work and I’m sure it’s reflected in my confidence and attitude
Suzanne LynchBernstein Financial
Suze’s dressed me for conferences. She’s dressed me for workshops. She’s dressed me for cocktail parties, for performances and even TED talks. If you want to look your best, add color to your wardrobe and learn from an outrageously personable professional, Suze is your gal. The only problem that comes from working with her? You won’t be able to get dressed without her ever again.
In my opinion, Suze Solari is a Style Icon. Every time I see her she’s wearing an amazing outfit paired with a great hand bag and super shoes, fabulous jewelry! I was the first to raise my hand when she started her company and began looking for clients.She pointed out my shopping weakness – jeans and put together outfit pairings I would never have thought of; these pix are in a look book she made for me! Let’s not forget my nicely organized, color coded closet and tips to make it a dressing oasis .
"‘What will I wear today’ was a constant concern and waste of energy. I was ‘stuck’ wearing the same clothes over & over. Enter Suze Solari Style, an experienced and energetic Style Guru!
The day after I met with Suze to go through my wardrobe, I dressed in an outfit partly put together by Suze, but just as important partly put together by me – based on her inspiring me to think in new ways about what I already have. I would never have thought of putting this particular short-sleeve cardigan and shell together with a scarf that been sitting unused in a drawer. When my husband saw me, he said, “You look hip!” Need I say more? Besides inspiring me to wear the clothes I own in different ways, Suze also has a knack for suggesting new looks & accessories to try that still fit my personality. She has introduced me to local shops and other sources where I can procure the items needed to implement her ideas. Suze is a talented professional who is dedicated to helping her clients achieve results” ,
Beth ChengFriends of Oak Park Conservatory
Working with Suze has allowed me to open up the possibilities in my closet…to navigate the “nothing to wear” doldrums. With a demanding job and not a lot of time or patience for shopping, what I've found to be most helpful is "the list” of items that I really need as staples to help increase my options. This list has stopped me from buying the same old thing all over again ( my 10th black jacket/sweater/cardigan). Also, with the outfits that Suze created, she gave me the confidence and direction to think more creatively about existing wardrobe combinations. I love how she mixed patterns and colors in a way I never would have and suggested some key accessory purchases that would allow me to make more of my wardrobe. The process of working together also prompted me to understand my wardrobe spending better…and to be sure to use my budget efficiently. So, working with Suze has been not only a pleasure all around, but very helpful. Thanks Suze for spicing up my style!
Beata KirrAllianceBernstein
Suze Solari is a style maven – she’s in-the-know on fashion trends and is terrific at suggesting fabulous ways to combine your existing wardrobe with new pieces and accessories so that you can be up-to-date and stylish. As a working mom, I rarely have time to shop, so I love receiving her weekly style tips – her fashion finds, from jewelry to shoes to handbags to dresses help me to stay stylish and current. I just purchased one of her suggested finds and can’t wait to model it for all my friends. xoxo
Vera ChanStella & Dot