Snow, Oh no! What to wear when winter strikes

WE got seven inches of snow in Chicago on Sunday, so there go my cute shoe options for the next 5 months…

but is that really true??

I asked this question today in my FB group, Be the Best YOU Style Lab: WHAT are your winter style conundrums RIGHT NOW?

The answer: cold, wet feet, lack of resources for cute shoes, and finding the right layering pieces.

Here is my advice on boots: we need to distinguish between a full on snow blizzard – tall snow boot, and ones that can be worn with jeans, skirts and look chic at the office or out for a casual dinner.

Check these cute options from Sorel, and get yourself several pair.  And if you live near me, Madison Street Shoes has many styles to choose from!

Layering: I reach for long, draped sweaters and soft blazers over silky tops (I run warm) or light weight knit tops, and a camisole under for below freezing temps.

Top it off with a fitted, down coat, fur (faux or vintage) or high quality wool – blend outer wear!

How about this Marmot insulated jacket for rain & snow, in platinum white, with fur hood!  No need to resemble the Michelin Man to stay cozy.


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