ReNew Your Health & STYLE Workshop

** Wanna Look AND Feel more beautiful? **

The Holidays are so much FUN, but can be draining: the festive events, the sugar, the obligations, the party outfit stress and the rushing around! You may not be taking the best care of yourself.

Kick off 2018 with renewed vigor & inspiration!  We are inviting you to join us for a different experience for the New Year – an empowering, loving and kind experience for yourself. Introducing:

Renew your Health & Style Workshop
30 Days to Confidence, Healthy habits, Inside and Out
January 15th – Feb. 15th

This experience is meant to gently put you back in touch with that which makes you feel healthy, confident & beautiful, inside and out.

Dr Cheryl Petschke, chiropractor and wellness coach, will guide you through a system cleanse, provide you with daily tips, data, recipes and practices to guide your path back to a strong healthy body.

I will be adding 4 weeks + of style & closet support: eliminating clothing that doesn’t serve you, guiding you through clothing limbo, addressing wardrobe challenges and finding resources to fit your body shape.

Daily content and support will be delivered via a private Facebook group with simple  lessons and helpful, doable tips, making it easier to change your habits.

Included within the cost of the program:

– 1 wardrobe evaluation, edit & creative outfit session w/ Suze

– 1 nutrition & pantry clean – out session w/  Dr Cheryl

– weekly group call

– healthy eating guidelines & meal planning tips

– clothing limbo strategies:

– make the most from your existing clothes, tailoring, styling tricks

– clothing rental option & sourcing inexpensive transition clothing

The recommended 21 day purification program or gut reconditioning protocol (depending on your personal needs) is approximately $250. These whole food supplements will kick start a healthy you!!

Our goal is to help you tap into that most authentic & amazing expression of yourself – healthy, strong, kind & successful by knowing what foods nourish your body, and what clothes light you up — and how you can create the lifestyle you want for yourself & your family.

Enrollment is limited! Reserve your spot by Jan. 6th., get started HERE!

Here’s to confidence and joy, yours, mine, and the world’s,
Suze & Cheryl


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