Packing for travel, work and vacation

Are you an over packer? or do you habitually bring too little, and then regret not having the right things on a trip?

Weekend getaway or luxuriously long destinations, I am frequently asked how to avoid the stress of packing.  Here is a process to put in place to help you get the most out of your trip:

  • review your itinerary and make lists
  • lay out the outfits, together w/ shoes & accessories
  • plan one main color story

For example, pack a brown – tan pallet as your main neutral: brown tones for shoes, sandals, belts; then warm colors for tops:  orange, yellow & any color of denim including white & khakis for bottoms. Bring along gold jewelry.

You could choose black instead; so all shoes, handbags are black or have black in them.  Add silver jewelry, and cool tones for tops: blues, greens, purples….dark rinse & white jeans, for bottoms. Note that gray is a useful addition to both pallets.

Ensure that each garment can be used for at least 2 outfits, and keep prints to a minimum for ease of mixing pieces.  Scarves take up little space in your suitcase and add a punch of color and pattern, so bring several.

I recommend a lingerie bag for delicates and wrapping everything in a big garment bag to protect your things as they shift around.

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Ps: check out this fun VIDEO on the best way to fold t-shirts!



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