Packing list for France

Got Summer travel plans? 

Hey Lovelies, this past weekend I had the pleasure of helping my client, Molly shop + prep for her trip to Paris and Provence, France! Oooo Lala! 

Based on her week long itinerary, and the warm weather predicted, we found many pieces from Banana Republic + Anthropologie to create her packing list, have a look:
Day 1 – Arrive Paris, City tour 
Day 2 – Tour Musee d’ Orsay,shopping, fancy dinner 
Day 3 – Train to Arles, casual dinner 
Day 4 – Walking tour 
Day 5 – Vinyard + wine tasting tour 
Day 6- Train to Provence, tour Musee Cezanne, nice dinner 
Day 7 – Festival du Aix Day 8 – Tour town + market of Apt 

Packing List 
1. White linen pants
2. Dark rinse cropped jeans
3. Jeans skirt
4. Jumpsuit
5. Silky tank top
6. Stripe flowy blouse
7. White + grey T’s
8. White jean jacket
9. Kimono
10. Maxi dress (2)
11. White sneakers
12. Silver walking sandal
13. Black walking shoe
14. 2 scarves + belt
15. Jewelry
16. White panama hat
.. am just a wee bit jealous, but I’m excited for Molly to have a most enjoyable adventure, looking fabulous + feeling comfortable every day! 

I’d love to help you plan for your travels this SUMMER! 

Hit reply to find out how: + to receive info. on my new book ‘the Pack with Purpose Handbook’ + video course, ‘Pack with Purpose’, a Stylist’s secrets to preparing a versatile travel wardrobe.

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