Magnetic Brand Vision & Style Experience

“Dress is a form of communication.”


This quote came from U.S. Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s (also known as AOC) recent Instagram stories, sharing lessons on how she uses her work travel wardrobe as a tool to achieve results and how what she wears plays an

important role.

Do you ever feel like you’ve outgrown your current lifestyle, career, social circle, and your style no longer resonates with the person you’ve become?

This is why I have partnered with brand strategist and friend Lisa Guillot, on my next EXPANSIVE- Style Experience!  

Lisa invited me to join her podcast to talk about .. (whether you like it or not) the way you dress sends messages to those around us, and how this is especially true for women.  LISTEN HERE.

Isn’t it time to break free from who you were and reinvent a new version of yourself— one that effortlessly attracts the aligned opportunities you crave— using your voice, style and presence to turn heads?

Tune in for this fun-filled episode and gain a few nuggets about first impressions, the power of personal style and how we can use our image to connect with our audience to create a more fulfilling, fabulous life for ourselves!

PS. you might already see your future self -transforming in 2024, but you need the professional expertise of a clarity coach and a personal stylist to help,

join us for the

 Magnetic Brand Vision and Style Experience October 20-21 in Chicago. ​​​​​​​

📅 Friday, October 20: 12:30-5pm

Define your Brand Vision with the brilliant brand expert, Lisa Guillot. Gain unparalleled clarity on where your journey is headed.

Discover your Signature Style with guidance from the fabulous styling expert, Suze Solari. Unleash the power of your unique style to express your fabulousness!

Game-changer – a Personal Brand Photoshoot with one of our favorite brand photographers! Your authentic self deserves to shine, and these professional photos will make sure of it.

There are special guests, vision boarding and so much more in store!

Friday Night: VIP tickets are available for a cocktail hour and seasonal dinner with Lisa & Suze in Chicago’s Fulton Market, PLUS private sessions with us!

📅 Saturday, October 21: 10:30-1pm

Start the day with a rejuvenating Chakra Cleanse to align your spiritual self.

Immerse yourself in the soothing vibrations of a Sound Bath that’ll leave you feeling not just refreshed, but empowered.

Wrap it up with a casual coffee date with new friends, because building connections with like-minded individuals is where the magic happens, unfolding in the vibrant city of Chicago!

book your ticket here!  💓

PS: BONUS!! We’re beyond excited to announce our guest makeup artist:

Martha Contreras!


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