Is every day Earth Day in your home? Spring Cleaning and Travel!

Bonjour, Chéries!

If you’ve been following along here in the Style LAB, you might know that we’re getting ready for our first big Fashion & Shopping Extravaganza in Paris!🥳

We will embark in just a few days, and all the last minute planning is happening, including gathering my tiny medic + sewing kit, arranging a data plan, packing and charging my iPad, headphones and an EU converter plug.

My packing list is ready to assume the classic French style formula, making it easy for us to be inspired, comfortable, practical, and just a bit dressy, et voile!  Reply here for a copy of my packing list!💋

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A closet cleanse may seem daunting, but while preparing a trip, it’s actually the

perfect time!  Before you update your wardrobe space, you might want to go through my tips to keep my small walk-in closet current.

Closet Tip #1

Remove all non-seasonal items. I place out-of-season pieces on the bed: sweaters, heavy layers, seasonal fabrics. I take inventory and make donations and consignment piles of items I didn’t wear or don’t love.

Review items in need of repair and place them in a bag for my tailor and shoe cobler. Finally, items not suitable for donation or beyond repair, go to my local recycling center for re-use (avoiding landfills).

Many clients feel sentimental about clothing.  Part of my job is to assist with painless edits and techniques for letting go, but there can be things that tug on our heartstrings. If that keeps you from donating, that’s OK. Just box them up, label and place somewhere else (attic, or closet you aren’t using daily).


Closet Tip #2

Use matching hangers. I use thin black flocked hangers that are space efficient and keep my garments looking good. Coscto, Target and T.J.Maxx are good resources. When things look pleasing to us, we’re more likely to want to keep them that way. Your closet will stay cleaner, look streamlined and inspiring just like your favorite boutique!

Hang clothing by category and color- this makes getting dressed and or using a capsule wardrobe (my favorite wardrobe strategy) effortless because you can easily grab it from each rack. It also helps with inventory because you can easily see where your closet has gaps.

Have you already realized what these two closet curating activities can do for you? Be sure to check back for my last two tips and forward this to a friend if you think my content will resonate with them. Thank you for tuning in and remember STYLE is a business decision.💋

PS: While you’re contemplating your closet update, check out my latest handbook to give you even more easy tips: The 5 Day Closet Cleanse


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