Do you know your SIGNATURE Style?

Hey Lovely, What’s Your Signature Style?

If you’re like most successful professional women, you struggle to buy and wear the right things every day so you look and feel confident. Who has the time when you’re busy running a big company?

YOU might be missing this important knowledge that is key to helping you stand out in a sea of digital content, by having the right staple pieces that reflect your Signature STYLE.  Why is this such a big deal?

Because your style is about developing a sense of self rather than just absorbing trends and streamlining your life so you can make a bigger impact. Introducing my next Style Series, Finding YOUR Signature Style.

The majority of my clients have concerns over what their style is, and don’t realize how much time, energy and $$$ are spent standing in their closet trying to figure out what to wear and shopping in confusion.  If you are nodding your head, and this key intel to showing up with chic confidence is unknown, out of focus or just out of date, keep reading.

FACT: only 92 % of our communication is spoken. WHAT? That’s right.

Whether or not we’re aware, when people see us they make conscious or subconscious judgments.  Personally and professionally, if we are trustworthy and are a good choice to work with or get to know.  We have literally seconds to make this visual statement.

These stats don’t lie: did you know the percentage of information that is digested when we make a first impression of someone?

7 %   = what you say

38%  = how you say it

55%  = how you appear visually

Are you leveraging your opportunities by how you present yourself?

Everyone needs a signature style.  It’s how you stand out, exuding ultra confidence – so that you are NEVER forgotten.  This is important if you are:

  • Giving a TED Talk to thousands, maybe eventually millions ..
  • Presenting a proposal to clients
  • Meeting a prospect at a networking or charity function

If you are in sales and marketing (and BTW, everyone in business is) you want your message to be heard.  Am I right?

Consider these prompts to start developing your Signature Style.

  • What is your brand personality? *It’s what you want to be known for, your expertise, your legacy, and how what you wear conveys that message.
  • Take inspiration from those around you, a stylish friend, relative or celebrity whose style you are drawn to.  Collect photos, make a Pinterest or Canva dream board.


I am inspired by my friend, muse and client, Lisa Guillot who showed up brightly on brand and feeling FABULOUS for her book launch photo shoot!💓

Over the next few broadcasts, I’ll help you uncover your Signature Style. I’ll be sharing the TOP THREE styles so you show up BOLDLY with stylish, easy confidence.

When you do this, you can get what you want FASTER: grow your company/ career, take your dream vacation, pay for the kids’ college, meet your soul mate,

create a legacy.


I’ve developed a fun tool for learning your style in under 2 mins. Check it out right here: Style Quiz


I promise you’re gonna LOVE how knowing your ideal and signature style makes shopping and getting dressed every day and for special events a breeze!💋


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