Are you spring cleaning? Before you Konmari your closet, read this..

AMany have asked if I agree with the Netflix star Marie Kondo, and her strict rules for what to keep, what to pitch; retaining only what ‘sparks joy’.

I do believe her method can help people who suffer from mild disorganization and have an excess of ‘stuff’.

When I’m working with clients to upgrade their style, and helping them to re-align it to their current lifestyle, some purging is normally necessary.  

However, I always suggest to refrain from removing items from the wardrobe before I arrive.

I teach clients how to pair their clothing in new + creative ways, expanding their clothing investment. This reduces the need to shop frequently, and makes better use their time and cash resources.

What can happen if a client isn’t wearing a certain item, and decides to remove it, she is then presented with another set of issues.

She has now lost that investment of the time and money it took to buy the item, and might feel she must go out and buy something new.  Often the replacements are similar to the discarded items.

As long as that item fits, and represents the client in the style and chic manor of which she wishes to be perceived, she may just be missing one key piece to make the original item work into a fabulous outfit!  

This is one of the strategies I use to encourage clients to wear their empowering clothing + accessories with renewed enthusiasm, as well as help them gently let go of pieces that don’t bring confidence + joy.

If this might be YOU, I would love to show you how to wear your things in new and clever ways, unearthing the hidden joy in your closet!

Introducing the Suze’s Style Salon, WORKSHOPS.

new forum for learning how to identify the items that flatter your body type, + how to put together new outfits from the items you already own!  

Each Style Salon incorporates a seasonal theme, as well as a mini stying session in the curriculum.  Each guest is encouraged to bring 2 or 3 garments, accessories they’d like to wear more, or wondering if they should wear it .. all while enjoying a wine + cheese ‘Ladies Night’ atmosphere.

I hope you will join us for the upcoming Spring Style Salon, the fee is $59., and is inclusive of a little gift from me, and a donation to a local charity. If you live far away, we can arrange an online ZOOM workshop for you and your friends! 

Click here to reserve your spot. Clients may use code CLIENT19 for your discount!


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