Are you spring cleaning? Before you Konmari your closet, read this..

To borrow a trending phrase, that has become interchangeable with decluttering, before you ‘KonMari’ your closet, consider how your shopping and dressing habits are affecting your lifestyle and use of important resources.

Friends and clients have asked me if I agree with the Netflix star, Marie Kondo, and her strict rules for what to keep and what to pitch, only retaining what ‘sparks joy’.  I do believe her methods can help people who suffer from mild disorganization issues, and have an excess of ‘stuff’’.
When I’m working with clients to upgrade their visual image, and help them to re-align it to their current lifestyle, some purging is normally necessary.  However, I always ask them to refrain from removing items from their wardrobe before I arrive.

I teach busy professionals how to pair their clothing in new and creative ways, expanding their wardrobe investment.  This aids in reducing the need to shop frequently, and better use their valuable resources of time and money.

What can happen if a client is not wearing a certain item of clothing or accessory, and decides to remove it, she is then presented with another set of issues. She has now lost that investment of the time and cash it took to buy the item, and might feel she must go out and buy something else, using more time, etc.  Interestingly, often the replacements are similar to the discarded items.

As long as that item fits, and represents the client in the style and manor of which she wishes to be perceived, she may just be missing one key piece to make the original item work into a fabulous outfit.

When you buy things, normally, there is a natural attraction to items that call to your sense of taste or style.  The best shopping practices I have uncovered have first to do with buying the items you really need from a focused shopping list, and then having a plan for how the new things fit with your style aesthetic the rest of your wardrobe.

What you do remove is the old and worn out items, and clothing or accessories that were given to you by well- intentioned friends or spouses.  So you actually don’t ‘KonMari’ as much as you think you will, because the remaining items in your closet you will now have a renewed enthusiasm to wear.

How you dress affects the way you feel about yourself and contributes to the results you get. I’m sure you’ve noticed that when you feel stylish, radiant, powerful, you show up so much more in every moment, and you make a great impression.  These are the strategies I use to help people happily wear their clothing and accessories in empowering ways, as well as assist them to gently let go of those pieces that do not bring confidence and joy. 


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