ADVENTURE Awaits YOU! Paris Girls Shopping Trip Recap..

Bonjour, Chéries !  Bienvenue to the Style LAB Paris Trip recap! (be sure to read through to the end for a surprise).

I wonder if you’ve noticed how powerful YOU are .. and the power of setting goals for yourself? 2 years ago I set a #DreamGoal to offer clients a shopping & lifestyle experience in PARIS…

I wrote my intention on an index card and recited it nearly every day since then, with the knowledge that this fabulous DREAM was already realized.

Even when I changed the dates, re-arranged hotels, entertainment, juggled schedules and EU inflation. It all worked out beautifully. My clients and I had an incredible trip, adding inspiring new memories + beautifully made collectors’ pieces to our ‘forever closets’.

Our quaint hotel, located in the 3rd arrondissement, was in proximity to everything chic and cool. Only a walking distance to Le Marias, where many of our fabulous activities took place, including a river cruise on the Seine, a sumptuous food + wine history tour and an excursion to the Picasso Museum.

The true highlight of this trip was engaging our talented tour guide, fashion journalist, @kasiadietz an American living the glam life in Paris. She expertly guided us through two private tours of local apparel designers, their artistic process and a behind-the-scenes peek into their ateliers.  Each designer shared their passion for creating beautiful one- of -a-kind garments made with love, primarily in Paris.

A stroll through the most famous flag ship luxury shops was a sheer thrill, especially the sneak peek of DIOR’s Spring ’24 collection ..  just magical.  And don’t think for a minute we didn’t find more unique treasures in several high end vintage shops near the Grand Palais.  Sustainable fashion couldn’t be made more accessible and desirable, can you imagine?!

We ended our trip with a cabaret – variety show at the famed Crazy Horse on the Champs -Elysees.  The talent and athletic abilities of the performance are beyond admirable.

I could n’t be more grateful to my gracious guests and highly skilled partners .. I will definitely be doing this trip again!

After you have a look into our shopping adventures and the one of a kind collection pieces we found, you will want to travel there ASAP.

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