5 things I always bring on airplanes

Can you believe it – the holiday season is quickly approaching – YIKES! Some of you are bound to have a bit of travel in your plans.

There are a few items I don’t leave home without. If you ant to make coach feel like business class and get through TSA without issues, take a look at my onboard CHECK-list:

1. Suede Arc crossbody bag from Noonday, fits a passport, phone, wallet, and scarf. The fold-over design keep valuables safe, with an adjustable strap, super cute and supports women artisans in developing countries.

2. H20 bottle & immune boost: energy fizz – travel sticks contain a medley of immune-boosting botanicals to keep me healthy on the go.

3. Bagliore pant from ME Majamas I’ve tested out a lot of pants on airplanes, and these are the best, chic n’ comfortable, waistband stretches, if you tend to bloat mid-flight.

4. When traveling, I use headphones that help muffle engine noise, and play music to put me to sleep.

5.The Genius Pack hardshell carry-on ticks all the boxes: lightweight, and even comes with a hidden laundry bag.

In case you haven’t heard, I’ve just launched My NEW online Video Course:

‘Pack with Purpose’, a Stylist’s secrets to preparing & packing a versatile travel wardrobe.

If packing for a trip stresses you out; you over pack, or frequently open up your suitcase and realize you have left out important pieces, this is the course for you!  


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