Let Me Help!

I offer a range of services for individuals and groups. If you have any questions just drop me an email or schedule a time for a call.

Closet Teaser

Get a sneak peek into how my process works:

I will help you make “3 NEW outfits’ in 30 mins., a complimentary service and is done remotely via face time!

Love Your Clothes 1 on 1 Workshop

The way you choose to dress completely affects the way you feel and contributes to the results you get.  When you feel confident, powerful, you show up much more in every moment, speak your mind and ask for what you want –  that confidence radiates out into the world and you make a great impression!
My goal with every person I work with is to help them tap into that most authentic expression of themselves: loving, kind, successful, fun – by knowing what clothes will light them up and how they can create that for themselves every day.  We accomplished this together in a workshop format, using my three-step process; that is customized to each client, their challenges, and goals

I work with professional, networking and women’s groups in the following formats:

1. Lunch n learn series:
– Optimize your Business Goals, simply by what you wear
– Transition your wardrobe from Summer to Fall
– Transition your wardrobe from Winter to Spring
– First Impressions, the why and the how
2. Girls Night Style Party
3. Swap ‘n Style event
4. Sweat to Street
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