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March 4, 2017

Project Description

I REALLY haven’t liked to shop for 15 years … until now!

Suze Solari totally re-sparked an interest in me! This week she gave me an amazing 90-minute session via Zoom into my closet. I´ve mentioned Suze before because she has been my client and honestly I KNEW she would be awesome because she is always energizing to be around.

    In 90 minutes she:
    *Saved me a few hundred dollars $$$$ by seeing some of my clothes in a new way so now I will keep them instead of getting rid of them
    *Saved me hundreds more by telling me what I need to buy to round out my wardrobe rather than me buying random shit anytime I torturously get to a store.
    *Got me creatively inspired because I felt good about looking good again and seeing my style …. a mix between euro and athletic I suppose. Again, it inspired me to go look for items I really dig and not buy random items.
    *Holy shit she gave me links to items – what a massive TIME SAVER!!! She told me where to go.
    *She told me what lines, shapes and jeans look good on me and which don’t.
    *And she gave me links to simple makeup I can use quickly for Skype calls.
    AND we laughed!!!

What became clear was that I really miss the years when I loved shopping and had a very unique style. That style effected EVERY new interaction I had. It affected jobs, who I met, how I was perceived… so now I am considering this: Who do I want to BE in my personal style?

Wowza. Seriously she blew me away. I knew it would be good but never expected to be as stoked as that. And NOW I know the VALUE she shares and it´s WAY beyond what she charges. I feel awesome!

I HIGHLY recommend connecting with her (you can click on her page and send her a message). You will have fun and she will save you time and money with her work! If you do, let me know too, I want to hear about your experience!

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