Sometimes a book is a great way to get started.

The stylish upgrade series begins with my first book "The T-Shirt & Jeans Handbook" where I introduce you to ways to take the daily uniform of a t-shirt and jeans and bring in some style. Some have found this a great introduction to find your style, others have said it is an inspirational look-book to help them to see how the options that exist in their wardrobe.

"The T-Shirt & Jeans Handbook" has over 100 reviews and a 4.5 STAR rating. I am really excited about my newly released second book where I have increased the looks and content to meet what readers asked for after reading the first book. In fact, the book was inspired by an AMAZON reviewer asking for a book on the blouse & skirt.

Book Two in the Stylish Upgrade Series

A follow-up to The T Shirt + Jeans Handbook, from Personal Stylist & Fashion writer Suze Solari. The Blouse + Skirt Handbook is a practical guide to wearing blouses & skirts for everyday and every event in comfort & style. Want to learn the secret to being effortlessly chic & fabulous? A step by step resource to finding the right blouses & skirts that flatter your body, where to find them, and how to put them together in comfortable, polished style. If you have a ton of skirts in your closet and feel stumped as to how to wear them, this book is for you. When I show up for coffee in a sequin jacket and platform booties, my friend ask me. “where are you going? or why are you so dressed up?” I explain that I am wearing my favorite outfit just for them, well – for myself and for them — for everyone, everyday! Why save the good stuff? Why shouldn’t we feel & look amazing, every day? Wearing the perfect thing at the right moment can change your life. The book includes twenty six inspiring looks built from eight base looks comprised of seven skirts and eight blouses. How to guides covering how to care for clothes, pack for travel, shop with intent and begin a closet detox.

  • Twenty-six looks
  • Guide to blouse types
  • Guide to skirt types
  • Multiple how to guides ranging from how to shop through how to care for garments.

Where to Purchase

The book is available as an ebook and in paperback through Amazon, Kobo, and Ibooks.

The Book that started it all! "The T Shirt & Jeans Handbook"


T-shirt and jeans are the daily uniform for countless women. These casual basics are easy to wear, but they can be, well, boring. Now stylist Suze Solari has written a handbook for elevating this bland look into something special.

With easy, step-by-step instructions, Suze shows how a basic outfit can be quickly transformed into a chic, timeless look for almost any occasion. They also provide fit guidelines for every body shape, as well as shopping resources to help you refresh your T-shirt and jeans wardrobe.

If you’ve ever stared into your closet and felt clueless or overwhelmed, this book is for you. It’s written for everyday women – not fashionistas – who feel they lack the style gene. “The T-Shirt & Jeans Handbook” will show you how to keep your comfy clothes, but, with a few tweaks and tricks, achieve effortless style, every day.

Where to Purchase

The book is available as an ebook and in paperback through Amazon and iBooks.

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